The BrainWave Symposium brings together the best minds in Neurologically Based Chiropractic, the patient care approach that is revolutionizing the profession! These incredible speakers are at the forefront of this exciting movement, teaching chiropractors across the country how to help their patients achieve the healthiest life possible by correcting a root cause of their health problems. For individual speaker biographies, click their photo below.

Richard Barwell, DC

Dr. Richard Barwell is the father of the Neurologically Based Chiropractic (NBC) movement. He is the Founder and President of Chiropractic Equity Offices (CEO), Inc., his practice management program based on NBC. He is also the Founder of Neuroinfiniti, state-of-the-art instrumentation that records neurophysiological activity, stress responses, recovery, and the ability of the chiropractic adjustment to improve the body’s neurophysiological state. After graduating from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with honors in 1964, he started a family Wellness Practice in British Columbia. He has since established numerous successful practices and guest lectured at various chiropractic institutions. Before establishing CEO, Inc., Dr. Barwell was the Director of Seminars and Programs at Quest and Executive Director of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. He is the author of the book, “Why You Get Sick and How Your Brain Can Fix It!”

Monika Buerger, DC

Dr. Buerger graduated from Life Chiropractic College-West in 1991.  She also has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from California State University, Fresno.  She has enjoyed extensive post graduate training in the areas of neurodevelopment, functional neurology, neuronutrition and functional medicine.  She currently has a private family practice in Ammon, Idaho that is dedicated to serving those with neurodevelopmental challenges, neurodegenerative disorders and chronic health issues.  She is the pioneer in the chiropractic profession when it comes to working with children that have Neurosensory and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

She is a contributing author to the text book Pediatric Chiropractic, Volume I and Volume II with chapters on Pediatric History and Physical Exam, Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Sensory Processing Disorder. She has been lecturing nationally and internationally for over 15 years and is the founder of the Intersect4Life Education Seminars mentoring and on-line Learning Academy with various CE classes focusing on functional neurology, neurodevelopment, methylation biochemistry and functional nutrition.  She has also collaborated with Dr. Heidi Haavik on bringing on-line CE classes to chiropractors with Haavik-Buerger Seminars.

Her newest exciting adventures is her “developingMINDS” certification and CE program in Functional Neurodevelopment where she has brought 30 years of her research, teaching, and clinical experience into one incredible program!

Patrick Porter, PhD.

Dr. Patrick Porter is an award-winning author, educator, consultant, entrepreneur, and speaker. With 20 years of experience operating a successful self-help franchise, he has become a highly sought-after expert within the personal improvement industry, having sold over 3 million of his self-help products worldwide. Dr. Porter has been on the cutting edge of brainwave entrainment technology for 32 years. His newest brain-training platform, BrainTap, is distinctively designed to activate the brain’s neuroplasticity. BrainTap has helped people achieve brain fitness, overcome stress, lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, accelerate learning, enjoy superb sleep, and make any number of lifestyle improvements. Dr. Porter is also dean of mind-based studies at the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (IQUIM). He is the author of the award-winning bestseller, “Awaken the Genius, Mind Technology for the 21st Century.” The creator of more than 900 personal development programs who has successfully marketed more than 3 million products worldwide, he has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek.

Ella Coffren, DC

Dr. Ella Coffren is a practicing Neurologically Based Chiropractor. A 2014 graduate of Logan, she has worked to inspire students and doctors alike to explore the cutting edge in functional neurology and vitalistic technique, while honoring traditional chiropractic philosophy. In addition to her Chiropractic degree, she holds bachelor’s degrees in both Sociology and Human Biology. She is an international speaker, stress specialist, and holistic health advocate. Her clinics are in Westbrook and Jay, Maine.

Kreg Huffer, DC

Dr. Kreg Huffer is a 1983 Palmer graduate. For the past 37 years he has served the Jackson Center, Ohio community, where he owns and operates a cash practice with two associate doctors and a full-time nutritionist. Dr. Huffer is extremely active in politics and has served with Bharon Hoag on the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team to develop new guidelines for the State of Ohio, establishing a first option “non-drug therapeutic approach” that names chiropractic adjustments as a first consideration for treatment of acute pain. He is the past president of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association and at the end of his tenure, he was pleased to see more dues paying members than in the 50-year history of the association. In 2018, Dr. Huffer implemented NeuroInfiniti’s brain-based chiropractic technology into his office protocol.  He is excited to share how he made a successful transition.

Tom Klapp, DC

Dr. Tom Klapp has been at the forefront of the chiropractic scene nationally and in his home state, Michigan, since his graduation from Life in 1979. He is one of the Founders and current president of OneChiropractic, a nonprofit organization formed to see empowered chiropractors realizing their brightest future by ensuring that chiropractic is the consumer’s primary health care choice. He is a member of the Life University Board of Trustees and a Past President of ChiroCongress. He currently represents the ChiroCongress on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP). Dr. Klapp has been named Michigan’s Chiropractor of the Year three times (1993, 2006, and 2007), and in 2015 was the recipient of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors’ “Outstanding Achievement Award” for “monumental achievement and continuous contributions to the success of the MAC and the chiropractic profession.”


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